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welcome to the GaiaPortal, the online service provided by ASDC to access:

Hereafter, you can find information about all data hosted and the services provided.
While each catalogue can be interrogated individually, inter-catalogues queries between Gaia data, a matched external catalogue (and the corresponding CrossMatch result table, if desiderd) are available.

Users can choose two different ways to work with the query service provided:

Please, note that queries with no conditions added (and that can potentially download the full catalogues) will yield less than 20000 entries in output.

Acknowledgement and citation of Gaia DR1:
If you use public Gaia DR1 data in your paper, please take note of our guide on how to acknowledge and cite Gaia DR1:

Gaia DR1 content: http://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/gaia/dr1

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